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The Android Notes app is now free instead of $ 2.99

The Android Notes app is now free instead of $ 2.99

Notes is a note-taking app for Android that’s way more interesting than its rather boring title suggests. The app is currently available for free on the Google Play Store instead of the regular $ 2.99 price.


This Notes promotion on the Play Store is ONLY VALID TODAY, Thursday, September 16.

The app does not contain ads or in-app purchases. Notes has a 4.5 star rating from 651 reviews on the Play Store and has been downloaded over 50,000 times.

I know, I know, I keep insisting on my note-taking apps. But my fetish with these apps sometimes leads me to find some rare gems. This is the case with Notes, whose rather minimal title actually hides a powerful text editor, as well as very practical productivity and planning features.

Why is the Notes app worth checking out?

Notes’ first strong point is its word processing tool. You can format the font, apply effects, change the background color, add attachments (images, files, voice memos), create to-do lists, you’re done! In short, it has a full range of features to improve your grades.

Then comes the “productivity” section, where Notes include a calendar function to find your notes but also to assign them a reminder. You can also sort your notes using multiple tabs. Notes also have a widget to display a note, such as a shopping list, on your home screen. You can even create a shortcut for each individual note from the home screen, similar to a Post-It note.

Notes’ range of features is wide and varied for productivity fans / NextPit

Finally, there is a cloud sync feature (which is optional, as you can store everything locally), as well as the ability to protect your notes with a password and your smartphone’s fingerprint reader.

Notes is developed by Vitaliy Panov, who also has other useful applications under his belt. All of them have received high ratings (4 stars and above). In its privacy policy, the developer says that it collects log data (IP address, device name, OS version, time and date of use) for the maintenance of the application.

Scanning on the Exodus platform only reveals the presence of a non-ad tracker for OpenTelemetry, which is an analytics and statistics tool. Notes requires various permissions, such as storage or microphone access (for voice memos). Those are pretty benign and not too intrusive in my eyes. The app has a 4.5 out of 5-star rating in the Google Play Store based on 651 reviews and has been downloaded over 50,000 times.

What do you think of Notes? Have you downloaded the application? What categories of apps are you looking for that are heavily discounted or free? Tell me everything in the comments.