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The advantages of activating Secure Connection on your Smart WiFi Router

The advantages of activating Secure Connection on your Smart WiFi Router

Data theft, identity theft, file encryption in exchange for a ransom, bank and online shopping fraud… The fact that the Internet is so popular makes it a a place where cybercriminals they want to make a profit. Let’s not make it easy for them. Movistar Secure Connection is the simplest, most transparent and effective way for you to avoid any unpleasantness on the Internet.

The first thing is be cautious. Do not give your passwords to anyone. Do not open files, links or emails from strangers. Contact your bank, service provider or public entities through official channels and not from a link sent without your request. And from here on, any help is good for avoid nuisances and threats on your connected devices.

Secure connection is a free service that Movistar makes available to its Fusión customers and mobile contract lines to protect your browsing and online activities on the Movistar network. Without installing applications or configuring anything. You activate the service and you are already protected from malware and phishing threats. If you try to access a suspicious page, you will see a warning on the screen.

What is Movistar Secure Connection for?

There are two ways to protect a device Conected to internet. From the device itself or from the network to which it is going to connect. Or put another way, that the router does all the work security related. Something that, in part, he has already been doing. Its task is to manage the connections that go out and come in. But, in addition, we can make it analyze that data entry and decide if it is safe or not.

That the router is in charge of the security of your network has its advantages. And today we have connected dozens of devicessome of them without the possibility of installing additional security measures, such as plugs, light bulbs or smart controls.

That is Movistar’s strategy with its Smart WiFi Router and service Secure connection. Employing technology McAfee Secure Home Platformintegrated into your own router, it takes care of filter everything that passes through it and decide if the content you are going to upload to your phone, computer or TV is safe or not. Unlike a classic antivirus, it updates itself, doesn’t require your intervention and you don’t have to install it on each device. When accessing a website, intentionally or because a device requests it through an app, Secure connection analyzes it and blocks its access if it is not trusted.

Thanks to this strategy, Movistar has blocked over 250 million potential threats both in fixed and mobile Fusion lines, as well as over 20 million fraud attempts. Computers, smartphones, tablets, game consoles, televisions and other smart devices that access the Internet and are accessible from the Internet. If you activate Secure connectioneach month you will receive a message indicating the threats blocked on each mobile device and on your WiFi connection.

What happens to my mobile devices, inside or outside the house

Secure connection of Movistar protects all your devices connected to your Movistar network, inside and outside the home. On the one hand, it protects from your Movistar Router any device that connects to your WiFi, be it a computer or a smartphone. And away from home, that smartphone is also protected if it accesses the Internet from the Movistar network.

If you access the Internet with your mobile, via 3G, 4G or 5G, through the Movistar network, your device is also protected from possibly malicious pages. Protection is provided, on the one hand, by Allot Network Securea cloud security provider that scans the data traffic on our devices for malicious activity.

On the other hand, if you decide to connect to a foreign Wi Fi network to Movistar, Secure connection It makes it easy for you to install the Movistar Device Security application to carry out the same functions of filtering links and malicious web pages. Specifically, you can install that app on up to five devices. It is available for Mac, Windows, iOS and Android.

How to start using Movistar Secure Connection

As we said at the beginning, Movistar Secure Connection is a free service available to all Fusion and/or contract mobile line customers. So if you are one of them, you just have to activate the service on its official page. We click on the button Activate and ready.

Once activated, when you access from the web browser a malicious page from the list that McAfee compiles through its platform McAfee Global Threat Intelligence, you will see a message notifying you of this. You can continue to open that link if you are sure that it is not harmful to your device.

Every month, you will receive an SMS message indicating the blocked threats both from your Movistar Router and from your mobile devices. And if you need more information, you can go to the official page of the service. There, for example, you will see statistics of blocked threats, both from possible viruses and from identity theft fraud attempts. In addition, you also have the possibility to activate the free Secure Connection service through television. You just have to access Movistar+ through the UHD or UHD Smart WiFi decoder and enter the section «apps» next to the search engine in the main menu. Navigate to the Smart WiFi Living App to activate Secure Connection on your TV. Easier impossible!