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The 10 most demanded jobs in Spain in the technology sector

The 10 most demanded jobs in Spain in the technology sector

The technology sector is possibly one of the sectors that has experienced the most changes in recent years. Not only that, changes and growth. Technology permeates everything, so the entire economy needs it and benefits from technology profiles such as system administrators or software developers. What are the most demanded technological jobs in our country?

Know how is the labor market is a way to find out what your next step in your career. Maybe you are looking for a job or want to change careers. Or you simply want to know what the labor market will be like in a few years by seeing which profiles are currently most in demand.

Telefonica Foundation has carried out an analysis in the form of an Employment Map so that you can get an idea, interactively, of what the job offer in Spain. Specifically, in the technology sector.

Tech jobs on the rise

For this x ray of the Spanish labor market, data from Infojobs, Technoemployment and tickjob, three reference portals in the job search. Two of them specialized in professional profiles in the technology sector. The data used corresponds to job offers between April and July 2021. In total, some 61,450 offers related to the technology sector.

The list, also available in this Employment Map, can be found filter by provinces and expand beyond TOP 10 professions. But if we analyze the whole of Spain, these are the jobs most in demand in the technology sector:

Some of the profiles are well known for years. Software development and web development, for example. System administration has also become essential thanks to the computerization of companies and organizations. As well as cybersecurity or ICT consulting.

Other professions, on the other hand, are somewhat more unknown. Profiles like full stack developer it is relatively recent. An off road technical profile that unites several profiles in one and that is increasingly in demand.

The analysis also shows us the increased demand of the profiles. A figure that can guide us in order to see the evolution of each profile in the labor market compared to previous years. Software development increased by 6%, system administration by 10% and web and multimedia development by 5%. Obviously, all are on the rise, being the most requested. And looking at the full chart, the trend has been like this for a long time.

Another interesting piece of information in this Employment Map consists of relating the jobs most in demand with their corresponding skills. That is Professional skills Are these technological profiles or jobs required? Specific programming languages, rising technologies… And thanks to the graph we can see, on the one hand, profiles and skills but also vice versa. What skills match certain job profiles?

How to enter the technology sector?

Within the technology sector, there are more technical profiles and others that are broader. Whatever the profile you are interested in, you can access one of those most demanded jobs with proper training aid. And it is that for years, training never ends throughout the professional career.

projects like Connect Employment of Fundación Telefónica has precisely the objective of helping anyone to recycle professionally. Through online courses, training programs and free digital tools, anyone can adapt their professional knowledge to the technology sector or to technology jobs like the ones we have seen before. you will also find online courses and training on the platform Myriadax.

You can even find out which job is right for you with help from the Virtual Career Advisor. By answering a few simple questions, this orientation tool will give you some guidelines and will indicate which tech professions fit better with your profile. It will only take you a few minutes to straighten out your job future.