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Texas Holdem Online Also on Android!

Texas Holdem Online Also on Android!

Since it landed on television, poker seems to have become a trend that few have been able to resist.

And if the game has gained increasing popularity thanks to the attention that televisions and newspapers have reserved for it, even mobile application developers have chosen not to stand by.

Already among the top 10 of the Apple storethe Texas Holdem he seems to have launched himself to conquer even the smartphone with Android seen that for a few weeks already Numerous applications have sprung up that allow you to play cards directly from your mobile phone.

Among those available we point out “Hold’em Online”Produced by Westtek both for the different game varieties available and because it can be downloaded for free directly from the Android Market.

The game – of course entirely dedicated to Texas Holdemallows both to play alone against computerized opponents than to challenge other opponents by going onlinewhich risks becoming expensive depending on the contracts with the different telephone operators but which can also be pure and simple fun if you browse using wifi or some Flat Data.

The interface is customizable in order to adapt the graphics to your needs as well as you can decide the game speed or the different sounds that will accompany you during the games.

The only “lack” is that of not being able to build a real career since it is not possible play sports poker tournaments but only play against other players.

All in all the game is stable and intuitive and the level of the games played against the computer is high enough not to make the game repetitive or boring.

A valid alternative for poker lovers and those who want to approach the game without investing a fortune in entertainment.