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technology  improve  society

This event has reflected on the role of the human being and technology, and how it can have the capacity to empower the population.

Sometimes the technology applied to our day to day is perceived as something distant, but maybe it is not so far? The opportunities offered by digital life are endless. To avoid prejudice and highlight new innovations that improve our society, DigitalES organized, together with Telefónica de España, the ForoIN_DigitalEs. The objective was clear: to give visibility and for several leading companies in the sector to show how they are implementing and working on Socially Responsible Technological Innovation to create projects with social impact.

The event, which was attended by companies such as Ericsson, Everis, Altran, IBM or Nokia, focused on three pillars: Emergencies, Diversity and Health. Drones to prevent the reactivation of fires, initiatives to improve protection and people from gender violence or projects that seek to improve the lives of stroke patients, and even prevent their risk, were some of the projects presented.

Cristina Gallach, High Commissioner for the 2030 Agenda and in charge of coordinating the implementation of the SDGs in Spain, opened the forum. “The 2030 Agenda is in itself innovation; that’s how it was designed,” Gallach said. She explained that the key is in the management of this innovation with the aim of working towards a better world. “SDG9 focuses precisely on industry, innovation and infrastructure. Infrastructure investment and innovation are key drivers of economic growth and developmentbut if the rest is not mainstreamed, the goal will not be achieved, which is to achieve all of them”.

To conclude, Gallach exposed 6 ideas that, in his words, “combine the current world, the agenda and innovation very well”:

A technology at the service of the whole society and not only in the service of those who are earning through it.

Creating the house from the roof can also be key

Among the companies was also Telefónica. Arancha Díaz Lladó, Director of Sustainable Innovation at Telefónica, explained that work to incorporate sustainability into the DNA of our company, transversally in everything we do. Our objective is “make our world more humane connecting people’s lives. Technology is a means to make a better world”, he stated, emphasizing that it is about “changing the way we work” based on an internal transformation, investing in impactful projects, favoring collaborations and alliances, and measuring the impact of everything this.

As an introductory framework for the exposed case, the directive spoke of one of the initiatives that helps the company to detect projects with an impact on society. The Call for Sustainable Innovation, which this year broke records with more than 150 projectsallows internal teams to get funding and support, and “shows that there is a great awareness among our own employees.”

One of our first sustainable innovation projects is Movistar+ 5S, which makes our television accessible to deaf and blind people. “In one of every five families there is a person with a disability, so we are facing a potential market that we cannot ignore,” she said. “It is the first case in which a pilot is already in charge of the operation itself, our mission from the area of ​​sustainable innovation is to give them initial support, with the aim of making them economically viable within Telefónica”.

In this case, “we built the house from the roof, but that has helped us to move forward not only in the project, but in the entire company”, explained the director. “Although the Movistar+ platform was not accessible at the time of the commercial launch, we have worked on it. Today, the mobile application is, and can serve as a television remote, giving autonomy to people who need it”.

“A small step that allows us little by little to work in other areas such as call centers or stores. We want Telefónica to be accessible to everyone”, Arancha concluded.

DigitalES, Spanish Association for Digitization, integrates the main companies in the digital technology and innovation sector in Spain. Together, these companies employ more than 150,000 people and invoice the equivalent of 4% of the national GDP. Its objective is to promote the global and real digital transformation of citizens, companies and public administration, thus contributing to economic and social growth..