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Technology helps make movie stars immortal

Technology helps make movie stars immortal

Cinema is considered the seventh art and can currently be considered that way thanks to technological advances that have made it easier for veteran actors to return to the big screen.

say that the technology has helped to evolve in many areas is obvious. One of the great beneficiaries of this development is the film industry through the special effects.

These effects have helped the viewer to immerse themselves in a reality that we can only perceive through the big screen. But today we are going to talk about an advance that has helped the cinema to rejuvenate to its great stars: technology de aging.

What is de aging technology?

De aging is a technique that consists of using images generated by computer with the purpose of rejuvenate (or get older) to the actors without the need to wear makeup.

This technology has been of great help in films such as The curious Case of Benjamin Buttonwhere we could see the passage of a Brad Pitt very aged to a very rejuvenated version of the actor. Although it has not been the only film that has stood out for the use of de aging technology.

On 2019 the platform for movies and series Netflix premiered the movie the Irisha feature film that has been praised by many critics, and that has caught the viewer’s attention for seeing how they have managed to rejuvenate actors of the stature of Robert DeNiro, Al Pacino or Joe Pesci.

Special effects work miracles

The technology in the film industry it is booming, but not only de aging is working miracles.

The use of computer generated images (CGI) has achieved bring to life to actors who are no longer with us.

An example of this is the movie find jacka feature film that will feature james dean in the cast.

A fact that may seem irrelevant if we take into account that the young actor passed away 64 years. In this case they will do a complete recreation of their physique by using stock images.

Another case that is better known to many users is the movie rogue one of the saga starwars. After the death of Carrie Fisheractress who embodied the Princess Leiathey had to recreate her most rejuvenated face in another actress for the prequel to this saga.

With this we could say that Hollywood has found the source of the eternal youth and has achieved that many movie stars that marked an era are now immortals. Will this be the pinnacle of cinema or can technology do more?

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