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Super Animal Royale is available for consoles

Super Animal Royale is available for consoles

Today Modus Games And Pixile Studios they jumped off the Giant Eagle and landed in the middle of the event Future Games Show from Gamescom to announce that Super Animal Royale finally comes out of early access on Steam And Xbox and is available immediately on Nintendo Switch, PS4 and PS5. Besides, it will soon land on too Google Stadia.

Additionally, the launch of Season 1 was announced today, bringing a wave of new content to the game. Dive into the heart of battle as the new breed just added to the game – the Super Frogs! But what would a Super Animal be without a smaller, more tender beast running around it? Mini Animal companions are available! You can buy them in the SAW shop or unlock them with the new Animal Pass. In addition, a zoo dedicated to them has been added to visit and fill them with love.

Receive a slew of extra rewards, decorations and more with the brand new Animal Pass Super Animal World. In addition to the new pass, the game also receives an archive that allows players to purchase and progress through previous passes within an environment with no pressure or expiration date. Currently, the archive includes two Season Passes in Early Access. Finally, for a limited time, additional decorations such as the Warrior Costume, Super Warrior Cap, and Macuahuitl melee weapon will be available in the Season 1 Starter Pack.

Super Animal Royale it’s a zoological battle royale. Play as your cute genetically engineered pet from over 300 species, find your style with 600+ cosmetic items, and dive into the Giant Eagle in the death fight with 64 players! You will shoot sawed-off shotguns and sparrows, throw grenades and bananas, ride emus and hamster balls as you climb to the top of the food chain. The explosive action from above combines perfectly with a flat expressive design style and the innovative fog of war system allows the game to be as deep and strategic as it is fun and accessible.