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Star Trek returns to consoles in 2013

Star Trek returns to consoles in 2013

Paramount Pictures And Namco Bandai Games Europe have announced the return of Star Trek on consoles in a new video game that will be available in stores starting in 2013.

The game will be an action adventure with cooperative elements, will be developed by Digital Extremes and is expected in stores at the same time as the arrival in cinemas of a new film produced by JJ Abrams. The plot will see the protagonists Kirk and Spock in an attempt to stop the enemy of the moment who wants to conquer the galaxy.

To confirm what we have told you, we want to bring you the official press release:

Paramount Pictures and NAMCO BANDAI Games Europe SAS, one of the leading companies in the publishing and distribution of video games, today announce that they have signed an agreement under which NAMCO BANDAI Games Inc. co-publishes and distributes the long-awaited Star Trek video game in around the world during the first quarter of 2013 for all major home consoles and for PCs.
The action-based fighting game is slated to launch in the first quarter of 2013, before the upcoming Star Trek production directed and produced by JJ Abrams is released in theaters on May 17. The game, thanks to the CBS Consumer Products license, is based on an independent storyline that continues the adventure of the legendary characters Kirk and Spock and their joint attempt to stop the historic enemy’s race to conquer the galaxy.

“Together with our partners NAMCO BANDAI and their distribution force, we look forward to meeting the favor of Star Trek players and fans around the world in requesting this exhilarating console experience,” said LeeAnne Stables, Paramount Pictures Executive Vice President of Worldwide Marketing Partnerships and head of the studio’s video game unit. Stables continued, “The positive response we had on the announcement at E3 last year was unprecedented, and we are truly fortunate to have the highest level of creative and production talent on our team, which will bring this amazing game on the market next year ”.

“Star Trek continues to be one of the most loved properties around the world and NAMCO BANDAI Games Europe is delighted to partner with Paramount Pictures to create the ultimate Star Trek interactive experience,” commented Olivier Comte, SVP of marketing, Sales and Publishing for NAMCO BANDAI Partners SAS

Paramount unveiled a pre-alpha version of the Star Trek video game at the 2011 Electronic Entertainment Exposition (E3) and garnered critical acclaim including prestigious “Most Valuable Game” awards from Official Xbox Magazine and PlayStation: The Official Magazine, as well as being included as one of CNN’s Top 5 Games of E3 2011 list. The Star Trek video game also gained further acclaim with an exclusive trailer that made its debut during Sony Computer Entertainment of America’s keynote address at its annual E3 conference.

The Star Trek video game is in development at Ontario-based Digital Extremes (Bioshock 2, Unreal Tournament, Dark Sector, The Darkness II), with production overseen by Brian Miller, Paramount Creative Executive. “The joint work with Paramount Pictures and Digital Extremes reinforces NAMCO BANDAI Games’ commitment and willingness to extend its portfolio with triple ‘A’ western development titles, in addition to its famous and recognized Japanese franchises,” said Olivier. Comte. “Digital Extremes’ attention to detail and collaboration with Paramount Pictures and the Bad Robot Interactive team will be able to create an authenticity that will surprise Star Trek fans and gamers alike.”

The original story of the game is written by BAFTA Award winner and God of War writer Marianne Krawczyk, in collaboration with Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman, writers and producers of the upcoming Star Trek movie. Entirely built as the ultimate co-op experience, the Star Trek video game allows players to control both Kirk and Spock on an immense journey of epic proportions through unexplored planets and enemy warships equipped with the most advanced weapons and equipment of the 23rd century. . The complementary personalities of Kirk and Spock are reflected in the best-crafted and varied co-op experiences for this generation of consoles