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Space technology for athletes: NASA innovates in its food products

Space technology for athletes: NASA innovates in its food products

NASA innovates with space technology in the food sector. The Right Stuff drink could help solve serious health problems, common in athletes and astronauts.

What do astronauts have in common? International Space Station with an athlete playing a game of the superbowl? That was the question asked by NASA, to find out if they could innovate in products that would serve both professional profiles.

The answer is that people who participate in intense sports and astronauts have more in common than we might think at first. And the key is in your hydrationsince both can lose huge amounts of water and basic electrolytes, due to physical exercise and gravity.

The involuntary loss of water can become a serious problem for the Health of astronauts and athletes. The symptoms caused by dehydration (whatever its origin) are varied: intense headaches, fatigue, disorientation or in the most serious cases, loss of consciousness.

These medical complications seriously impair the activity of athletes and astronauts. For this reason, the POT has decided to apply space technology to innovate in the food sector. The idea of ​​the team of John Greenleaf, from the Ames Research Center, was to produce a special drink that could be used by athletes and astronauts, and thus avoid the problems caused by dehydration.

The drink, marketed under the name of The Right Stuff, is now available for sale. The space technology used for NASA has helped to find a suitable formulation for athletes and astronauts.

And it is that although the causes of their dehydration are completely different (microgravity and intense physical exercise, respectively), the human physiology it works in a “similar” way, so the symptoms and possible remedies are similar in both cases.

As we can see, applied space technology can also reach the food industry. Advertised as a sports drink, previously tested on astronauts, The Right Stuff differs from similar products already on the market thanks to the NASA seal.

Fields as different as food, space exploration or sports can be united by a common vehicle: the North American space agency. The innovation it is key for us to improve our health, and if it also helps us solve real medical problems such as those suffered by athletes and astronauts, it can make our daily lives easier.

Images | Marlon Philippe (Wikimedia), NASA (Wikimedia)