Sony Ericsson PlayStation phone detected with Android 2.3

A post by a user at HKGolden, a Hong Kong-based technology forum, posted images of the Sony Ericsson PlayStation phone that we have seen recently rumored. The last time I covered a leak on the PlayStation phone, it was supposedly running Android 2.2 and was only rated as a Sony Ericsson phone, but things have changed since then.

Now it seems like the next-gen X10 Mini we saw last week, Sony Ericsson seems to have managed to get the device to run Android. 2.3 with your own skin on top. Also, it seems that the phone will also have the Xperia branding.

The source also took a photo of the Xperia X10 next to the PlayStation phone, giving us a better idea of ​​the dimensions of the device. The photos also show that the device’s hardware has been somewhat altered since we last saw it.

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Possibly more interesting is the fact that the source had two of the devices, which may be a sign that they are close to releasing the phones to the market. CES is likely to be too soon, but the Mobile World Congress (MWC) in February could be the time when Sony Ericsson finally unveils this device, and perhaps also the replacement for the X10 Mini, especially since its CEO said the same. in February.

Head over to the source to see more photos.

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