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Sold 70,000 Acer Liquid Leap in a single day


Sold 70,000 Acer Liquid Leap in a single day

They have been sold over 70000 units of smart bracelets Acer Liquid Leap in just one day in the United States thanks to a teleshopping on the commercial channel HSN a few days ago.

It was an amazing offer where two were offered Acer Liquid Leap at the special price of $ 100 instead of $ 340, with even the possibility of taking just one bracelet and changing the other with three interchangeable straps.

Acer Liquid Leap is a classic smart bracelet that acts as a pedometermonitor of calories consumed, calculation of distances traveled e sleep monitor, all functions that can be found on this type of device. Goals can be set and notifications can be displayed if they are passed or missed.

The bracelet Acer Liquid Leap it is 17 mm thick and has the possibility to change the straps according to taste, in a very simple way. Acer Liquid Leap It is powered by a battery that can last, according to the manufacturer, up to a week and has an IPX7 certification for water resistance up to one meter deep for thirty minutes.

Acer Liquid Leap it has a 2.4 cm screen with a 128 x 32 resolution and can be paired with any Android or iOS device.