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Smart WiFi tells you who connects to your Movistar Router

Smart WiFi tells you who connects to your Movistar Router

What if you received a notification on your smartphone every time a new device accesses your Movistar Router through WiFi connectivity? This is one of the many things that the mobile application can do for you Smart Wi Fi. It’s free, it’s available for iPhone and Android and it will be very useful if you have contracted Internet with Movistar.

First of all, when you open Smart WiFi, the first thing you will see is the screen of Devices. In it you will see a graph where your Movistar Router is the center and around it the devices that are connected to it, organized by categories.

From there you can see what device it is and decide if you want to pause your connection or block it directly. You’ll also know when a new device is connected through notifications on your iPhone or Android.

See who connects from your smartphone

Computers, tablets, smartphones, smart TVs, amplifiers… Any device that accesses the Internet through the WiFi of your Movistar Router will appear on the screen my devices of Smart Wi Fi.

If you prefer, by clicking on See all you will see the same information in list form. You can also see each category separately by pressing each one of them, thus showing those separate devices.

So you can better organize your connected home, knowing at all times the connected devices of each member of your family. What’s more, you’ll see data about each device so you know which one it is. And if you want, you can pause the connection certain devices in case you need more bandwidth on another device or for parental reasons. then you can return the connection anytime.

A more drastic option, which you will find within the file of each device, consists of lock device. In this way, your Movistar Router will prevent said device from connecting to the Internet through your WiFi.

Best of all, if you have notifications activated for the Smart WiFi mobile app, available for Movistar Fusión customers, every time a new device connects, you will see that notice. even though you are out of home. In this way, clicking on the notification will open the application and you will be able to pause the connection or block it directly, wherever you are.

Another advantage of the application is the gaming functionality. With it you can benefit from a better gaming experience thanks to the opening of ports. You can choose up to two devices to prioritize the signal, and get an interference free connection while playing games connected to the WiFi Plus network wirelessly.

Profiles: manage your children’s Internet connection schedule

One of the biggest concerns of parents in this new era in which we find ourselves, where technology is becoming more and more important in our daily lives, is the use that their children make of the Internet.

With the “Profiles” functionality, you can choose disconnection times for your children and create parental control rules. You have the option to configure profiles for three members of your family, and each of them can be assigned up to a maximum of five devices.

Set the disconnection times you want, up to 10 for each profile. Associated devices will automatically disconnect from your home WiFi network at the times you’ve selected. In addition, you can edit or delete the created profiles at any time, as well as pause and resume the connection of all the devices of each profile manually from your mobile.

See who’s connecting from your TV

In addition to for iPhone and Android, Smart Wi Fi has its own version Living App so you can see from your television the connected devices to your WiFi and view information about them.

Now you can also control these connected devices from the television. Pause a specific one and resume its connection whenever you want, or block possible intruders. To carry out the two actions, pause resume, lock unlock, the first thing to do is select the device on which we want to act. Then, it will ask you to identify yourself as the owner. This is a confirmation step so that only the owner has access to these actions. Once the permission is recognized, choose the option you want: pause temporarily or if you want to block an intruding device. This action can also be reversed if you decide to give it permission again. Once authenticated with the password, you have 10 minutes to make all the changes you want until the next time it is requested.

To access the LivingApp of Smart Wi Fi on your TV you must be a customer Movistar Fusion and have a Movistar UHD Decoder.

From your Movistar+ Voice Command you can go to the Apps section to access the LivingApps. Among them you will see a Smart WiFi call. With it you will obtain all the information you need in real time about the devices connected to your Movistar Router, through Ethernet and via Wifi or Wi FiPlus. In addition, you can change the name and password of your WiFi network directly from the television.

You can also access the Smart Wi Fi Living App by pressing the Aura button on your Voice Command. You will only have to say “Open Smart WiFi”. And from your Movistar Home smart device