Smaller and smaller impression readers with new Synaptics technology

The fingerprint readers had a real one boom during the last year, during which they have gone from being simple accessories for the hardware equipment of a smartphone to real ones fundamental components of the latter. In fact, they have gone from being present only on the most performing and expensive top of the range to being mounted by various manufacturers even on mid-range or even medium-low-range devices, as in the case of Xiaomi RedMi Note 3.

Over the last few years we have found ourselves faced with increasingly advanced, small and precise fingerprint sensors thanks to the numerous advances that biometric technology has managed to make. However, as we know, the high-tech world never tires of progressing, it continues its history and evolves. At the hands of Synaptics, a leading company in the field of tactile technologies, today a new page is being written in the history of biometric scanners.

According to what was recently announced by some managers of the company, Synaptics would have created a chip capable of recognizing very small footprints. In fact, the size of the latter would be equal to only 3.5mm in width, opening new perspectives in the field of smartphone design, since it could even be placed on the side profiles of the same or inside the volume rocker. The start of mass production should be set for the third quarter of the current year, while the marketing of the first terminals equipped with this component is expected for the first months of next year.

Synaptics has also announced that it is working on another technology, which will be combined with the fingerprint readers we have just told you about, capable of recognizing a real fingerprint from a counterfeit. This mechanism, which consists of an anti-sproffing algorithm, will increase the security of our smartphones, preventing unwanted users from having access to our personal data using fake fingerprints.