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Skype arrives for PSP consoles

Skype arrives for PSP consoles

From 18 March all the lucky owners of the console Sony PlayStation Portable will be able to make full use of the capabilities Wifi of the console. In fact, on this date the launch of Skype for PSP and Sony’s tiny console will effectively become a portable phone. Certainly limited to wireless hot-spots scattered around the cities, but already ready for the diffusion of Wi-Max.

In reality, the spread of various iPhones and PDA-phones, coupled with the silent revolution of Wi-Fi, still raises some doubts about the current meaning of the telephone object as we know it. The convergence of platforms and technologies means that every “personal device” is now a computer capable of managing computer applications. And that global and constant connectivity is a goal achieved, with great discretion, but which renders highly innovative technologies obsolete just yesterday. PlayStation Portable, even if equipped with a limited telephone application, it clashes with Apple and Nokia, and the big “players” of telephony. Not directly and not at this stage, but certainly the battlefield is defined and will not be left to graze for the competitors.

Initially the arrival of Skype on console PSP it was scheduled for January and limited to Japan only. It immediately appeared a contradiction not to extend it to the rest of the world, given the potential, and taking advantage of the delay in the availability of the essential hardware for use, a microphone that meets the technical requirements of Skype. The software will be included in the next system update that Sony will release along with the accessory, which is now available.

There are already some limited edition bundles with a “bronze” PSP, available from 24 April.

Despite the upcoming release, the details are not very many. It is unclear whether Sony currently intends to use Skype’s gaming capabilities. We gladly imagine a Patapon played on the phone but probably the hypothesis is strange. It should also be noted that the new version of the operating system will allow Skype to work only on the new generation PSPs, therefore the Slim, the Lite and the Petite. Owners of first generation consoles will have to resign themselves to the incompatibility of the microphone, even if it is not difficult to hypothesize some external and unofficial intervention to solve the problem.