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Skype 3 on Android – The guide

Skype 3 on Android – The guide

Hello everyone, Today I appeal to everyone who has a usim 3 with an internet option activated that gives minutes of skype calls, for example I have a usim 3 with the superinternet option activated, which entitles me to 600 minutes of calls per day to other skype users. Let’s start by explaining how these 600 minutes of calls per day differ, compared to the MB of traffic consumed with a normal client that supports skype (such as fring): The minutes offered by 3, do not “consume” internet traffic, in when the calls are made like normal cell phone calls, let’s make an example:

Luca has to call Laura via skype, and has a card 3 with the famous free minutes, at this point Luca has two possibilities:

  1. Start a client that supports skype (for example fring), connect, and make the call using the MB offered by your internet rate;
  2. Using the minutes offered by 3, through the hack proposed in this guide, at the time of the call, a phone call will be initiated to a free number 3 which will redirect the call to the desired skype user (in our example Laura);

Now let’s consider the advantages and disadvantages of the two options:

As you can see, given that the 600 minutes available are equivalent to 10 hours a day of phone calls between skype contacts, there is no real reason not to take advantage of the hack, especially considering the fact that not all cities can take advantage of an adequate connection speed to support a voip call!

Let’s Hack:

We need 2 files:

First thing if we have already installed iskoot let’s uninstall itvia the menu, or if you prefer to use the terminal with the command:

adb uninstall com.iskoot.android.apk

Subsequently we install the downloaded applicationor through the application manager, or always from the terminal with one of the two commands:

adb install /FILE PATHSULPC/com.iskoot.android.apk

or with the equivalent command:

adb push /PROFILESULPC/com.iskoot.android.apk / data / app /

Once the application is installed, DO NOT THROW IT!

Now we have to edit the preferences file:

We open the file with an xml editor (I recommend the excellent and free Scite editor, available for windows at this address: HERE if you have linux, Gedit is fine), and we modify the following fields:

For example, if your skype user is: ANDROIDIANISKYPE and the password is PASSWORDANDROIDIANI









and finally, the number of forwards is equal for all:




+ 393933934446

Well now we have to insert the file into the iskoot preferences folder (you need to have root permissions), which is located in the mobile phone folder:


We do this with a root file manager, or with the command:

adb push /PROCURSOFILESULPC/SkypePreferences.xml /data/data/com.iskoot.android/shared_prefs/SkypePreferences.xml

UPDATE: For all those who don’t have root, me and nk02, we managed to modify the apk! so rejoice you can use it too, the only limitation for now, is that you cannot receive skype calls with the apk without root, so for those who have root it is preferable to use the above procedure, while for all those who do not have root here is the ‘apk:


The installation procedure is simple: just use a normal application manager, for example astro, copy the apk file on the sd of the mobile phone, and then install the application from astro, or for those who prefer the terminal:

adb install /PERCORSOSULPC/com.iskoot.android.apk

We are working to enable reception too!

At this point you just need to start the iskoot application on your mobile phone and carry out all the calls you want!

A special thanks goes to the xda community, and to the users of our forum: DISCUSSION LINK

Happy VOIP!