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Sifu: The Complete Guide

Sifu: The Complete Guide

If you are playing It was these days, then this article will come in handy. As often happens we want to share with you the Complete Guidewhich includes some useful tips.

How to unlock the secret ending

Well yes, in It was there are two endings that you can get, the traditional and one secret or alternative, which requires specific steps to unlock it. To unlock the alternate ending in Sifu you have to save the lives of all five bosses that you will face in the course of the game.

The procedure is therefore the same for everyone, with the exception of the last one which adds some variations:

  1. Defeat the boss in the first phase
  2. In the second phase, parry the blows and attack the posture, without lowering the health
  3. Don’t do the special killing when it appears, so wait a few seconds
  4. Break the posture again and press the key indicated for save the life of the boss

In the last boss there will be a third phase, during which you will have to fight without losing health, after which break the posture again and take it down. Be very careful not to take out any of the bosses, otherwise you won’t be able to see the Sifu’s alternate ending.

How to open the locked door in the first level

There is nothing more frustrating in a game than not being able to open a locked door. In It was one of the doors is locked but there is a way to open it:

  1. Go to the area where the first Boss is
  2. Search around to find a magnetic key with the number 206
  3. Reach the final level “The Sanctuary “ and enter a room using the key in question
  4. Retrieve the floral key that you find inside

With the key in question you can unlock the Detective Story achievementConsequently unlock the lock at the start of the game. Make sure you do not continue without recovering the magnetic key, which you will need in the final level to then unlock the initial door.

How to unlock skills permanently

In the course of the adventure you will be able to unlock new moves and passive bonuses, however in the event of death you will lose everything. There is a way to unlock skills forever, which means keeping them in subsequent games as well. When you unlock any skill, you have the option to purchase others five times, by doing so you will unlock the permanent upgrade. In fact, each skill has different fragments of enhancement, if you do not buy them all you will lose it in case of death.

It goes without saying that the process requires a lot of experience points, especially for the more expensive techniques. Fortunately for you i fragments remain saved even in the event of death. This way you are more likely to unlock a skill permanently after several attempts. We would like to remind you or inform you that some skills are only available when you reach a certain age.

How to recover health

Regain health in Sifu it is important, especially given the difficulty of the title. To increase your chances of surviving, you have to preserve health as much as possible. The protagonist after each defeat will age, consequently the Max health it will gradually decrease, but in return you will have damage bonus during the fighting.

For restore health in Sifu it will be enough for you defeat your opponents, these will give you part of the lost energies. There are skills to unlock that allow you to recover more life by defeating rivals with specific moves. Don’t forget to interact with the sanctuaries that you will find in the game, are usually placed near the Boss. As a last option is that of get through the first stage of a boss without dyingin this way you will start in the next with maximum health.