Sharp Corner R: interesting smartphone with 2.5D display without frames

On the occasion of the CEATECH 2016 the Japanese company Sharprecently acquired by the Chinese Foxconnhas unveiled an interesting smartphone, still a concept, baptized Corner R and equipped with a curved display at the edges and without frames on 3 sides.

Here are some photos:

To be able to make this display Sharp has moved the ear capsule to the lower frame of the display, managing to create a panel without frames on 3 sides. This concept was developed in collaboration with the division IGZO.

This display has been baptized Sharp Free Form Display and is able to achieve well 1000ppi. The concept shown at the fair is equipped with a 5.2-inch display with Full HD resolution and 425ppi, which covers about 90% of the smartphone’s surface.

Who knows when we will see these devices on the market.