SEGA Mega Drive Classics available for PS4, Xbox One and PC

SEGA Europe Ltd is happy to announce the launch of SEGA Mega Drive Classics in physical and digital version for PlayStation 4 And Xbox Onewhile the PC collection on Steam will have a free update to match the console versions.

SEGA Mega Drive Classic available today

Inside the physical edition there is also a reversible poster featuring Golden Ax and Streets of Rage. To celebrate, SEGA is happy to announce a collaboration with Eclectic Method, a pioneer of video remixing, to make you feel nostalgic in the new launch trailer.

The video features an original piece of classic 16-bit sounds composed exclusively of memorable thwack, zing and boom from fan-favorite SEGA Mega Drive titles, played along with images of historic places and famous people you’ll find in the collection.

The collection has over 50 classic titles that pass through every genre; arcade, shooter, beat’m up, puzzle and hidden gems, which can be accessed through the retro player bedroom, inspired by 90’s games. All the classics from the past boast a host of new modern features including online multiplayer, achievements, mirror mode, rewind and save states, giving players new and old the chance to revisit these great titles.

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