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Sea of ​​Thieves Guide: How to complete the quest The Shroudbreaker

Sea of ​​Thieves Guide: How to complete the quest The Shroudbreaker

Players of Sea of ​​Thievestoday we want to share with you the Guide on how to complete The Shroudbreaker questthe first of a long series, which will reward you with a goal, honors, 8000 coins and an exclusive hat.

Mission Guide The Shroudbreaker in Sea of ​​Thieves

To activate the mission you will have to interact with the book that you find in the inn, near the mysterious individual. Although it can be completed easily in single, we advise you to tackle it in co-operative.

  1. Once the mission is activated, consult the book and flip through the pages until the last one, where you will find clues about your first position to reach, usually it is the N13 on the map
  2. Once there, dive into the water to find the wreck Magpie’s Wingwhere inside there are new pages to collect for your book, containing more clues
  3. Follow the described path to the letter to find a submerged chest, which contains a totem that you will need later, and further pages for the book.
  4. Reach the island on the left page you just picked up to find a cave, then use the totem on the appropriate block to open the secret passage to the enigma

Now you just have to solve the puzzle as follows:

  1. Open the book to find 3 different combinations
  2. Light the 4 torches with the lantern to start the puzzle
  3. Move the blocks in front of you and press the button to check if the combination is correct
  4. After guessing the combination, the stone passage behind you will open again, at this point you will need to find some medallions
  5. Based on the image in the water, where there is the button in the center of the room, find the first medallion, retrieve it and return to the room to place it, repeat the procedure with the rest
  6. You can now retrieve it Shroudbreakerwhich you will have to report to the same individual in any one Outpost

If you have followed everything to the letter, you will have access to the next mission.