Samsung vs Apple: the patent battle comes to the Supreme Court

Earlier this month we happily reported the latest details on the legal battle that has been taking place in the courtroom for years Samsung and Apple. The two giants had reached an agreement for the payment of damages in favor of the Cupertino company, but during the last hours Samsung turned the tables and brought the case to the Supreme Court.

Unfortunately, the patent battle is not over yet and we will certainly hear more about it, since Samsung submitted a motion to the Supreme Court of the United States asking the latter to overturn the final verdict.

The motivation for this choice is quite simple, in fact, according to the Korean company, the court would have made the wrong decision not having enough information available to understand the issues relating to patents.

This request by Samsung may never make it to court, as some judges select the cases that will be dealt with by the Supreme Court. According to the Korean company, claiming the right to these patents decreases innovation and stifles competition, which is why it would like to overturn the verdict.

We will keep you posted.