Samsung. The patent explains the feature we all want in a smartphone

The ZTE Axon 20 5G became the first smartphone on the market with an under-screen camera and revealed the difficulties in obtaining a quality product with this technology. Samsung is a company that is betting heavily on this feature and today we have access to one of their patents here.

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The patent in question is registered with the USPTO, the US patent and copyright regulator, revealing that Samsung’s developments are not far removed from what ZTE or even Oppo has presented to date.

As we can see above, the patent reveals three screens with different designs placed on top of the screen. Samsung’s patent description points to a pair of screens, one larger and one smaller, that are joined as one. The smallest accurately respects the drawings presented above and can have various types of positioning.

Samsung’s method is not far from what ZTE has achieved …

ZTE Axon 20 5G, the first smartphone with this technology.

As explained above, these two linked screens serve a purpose and are the ones that allow the camera inside the smartphone to become functional.

While most of the screen will have the same characteristics as a normal screen, the smaller part that the photosensor covers has a higher transparency and emits a lower resolution. By the way, in addition to the camera, this part will also cover an infrared sensor and a flash.

The description of Samsung’s patent is quite similar to the one we see in the ZTE Axon 20 5G, but the South Korean company is expected to achieve better results compared to what the Chinese company produced, where the dubious quality of the front camera ends up it does not counteract the “clean” look of the screen.

Although the patent is already certified, it is not certain when we will see this technology hit the market. Samsung smartphones. The new line of Samsung Galaxy S21 is right at the door and everything indicates that it is not the first to introduce the new technology for the front camera.

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