Samsung Galaxys S Review, Pricing, and Launch Details

Phandroid unearthed a review by Eldar Murtazin on (translated into English). He did a video review of a Samsung Galaxy S and also managed to unearth some juicy details about the launch date and Russian pricing.

According to the Mobile-Review page, the review was posted on March 30 in Russia, so I’m pretty sure we’re not experiencing some kind of April 1 stuff here.

The article predicts a price tag of 30,000 rubles (currently trading at around $ 1,000 USD) in Russia and a release sometime in June. I’m not an expert on mobile phone prices in Russia, but I hope, together with Rob at Phandroid, seeing the Galaxy S will be significantly cheaper when it launches in other markets. With HTC’s EVO 4G positioned to be the main competitor, price may be the deciding factor in many people’s decision.

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Another source: Mobile review

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