Samsung Galaxy S8 VS Apple iPhone 7: this test will take a “bad turn” – VIDEO

Samsung Galaxy S8 and Apple iPhone 7both in the Plus variant,are in the center of numerous challenges thanks to which we try to understand which is the most efficient top of the range between the two.

Samsung Galaxy S8 PLus and Apple iPhone 7 PLus once again “under pressure”

The latest test in chronological order calls into question the constructive solidity of the two smartphones. In the video we share here, the author will apply a certain level of force useful to bend the aforementioned units: will the iPhone 7 Plus or the Galaxy S8 Plus behave better? Let’s find out:

As we can see, the iPhone by Apple it yields quite quickly, especially in correspondence with the compartment dedicated to the insertion of the SIM. In contrast, the flagship of Samsung, thanks to the metal frame, it reacts more convincingly to different pressures and twists, despite being equipped with an apparently more fragile edge display. What is your opinion on the results of this comparison between Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus and Apple iPhone 7 Plus?