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Running Twister: How would I react if one day someone or something took away what I love?

Running Twister: How would I react if one day someone or something took away what I love?

From GaDoDev Teama completely Italian team of developers, a new and interesting product is coming for our devices Android, but also iOS, Windows Phone and PC. Today we present a new running game named Running Twisterin which love is surely the fulcrum around which all things revolve.

As reported by the rich press release:

“Running Twister is a game that is based precisely on the love between a little boy (Francy) and his sweet Mery, born from an elusive gaze during a run in the park and transformed into something so big and beautiful that it pushes our friend to run every day for miles and miles only to be able to meet your beloved and give her beautiful freshly picked flowers. But as often happens in these cases … the danger is always lurking! “

Unfortunately, a tornado devastated the two boys’ places of love and precisely to rediscover the lost love Francy will have to face many challenges to find again Merykidnapped by some evil creatures.

As in any other running game, also in this new title the user will have to collect some elements before the finish line in order to complete a level, obviously paying attention to the many enemies: Carnivorous Plants, Furious Dogs, Vultures, Enraged Bees, etc.

The game consists of:

* Initially the game will consist of the 1st World with the settings “Park by day” and “Park by night” for a total of 20 levels. In the following weeks, more Worlds will be released starting with the 2nd with the setting “Cemetery”.

As previously mentioned, Running Twister is not yet available but it will soon be available for all users who will have access to the beta thanks to the crowfunding campaign.

The roadmap is as follows:

* Release reserved for a certain number of users selected as beta testers (see crowdfunding campaign)

Depending on the amount of the payment, you will have gifts that start from simple advantages such as the possibility of becoming a betatester (thus being able to play Running Twister before all common users) up to the inclusion of the user within the development team and the game itself (name and photo in the credits, in the spashscreens, on the graves present within the levels) and even to propose new obstacles; finally, if you want to support the team with a donation of 500 or 1000 euros you will be happy to know that you will represent one of the 4 final enemies who will be drawn in your image and likeness!

Waiting for more information we leave you with some images and a video teaser:

Having said that, you just have to support this new completely Italian project through the appropriate page on Indiegogo.