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Rumor: MediEvil 2 Remake may be in development

Rumor: MediEvil 2 Remake may be in development

The remake of MediEvil for PlayStation 4 seems to have sold very well, at least in Europe, where the game is very famous. This sales success may have potentially paved the way for a MediEvil II, which can come to Sony’s console of this generation or even be launched for the future PS5.

I’m sorry you are incorrect

– Andrew Barnabas (@AndrewBarnabas) February 3, 2020

PlayStation Lifestyle noticed that Andrew Baranabas, composer of the remake, responded to some tweets in the @SaveMediEvil account that seem to prove this fact. One user published only number 2, and another fan wrote that since the remake had not sold very well, it probably would not have a sequel. This is where Baranabas’ enigmatic response comes in, saying only “I’m sorry, but you’re wrong”.

It may be that the composer was referring to the first tweet instead of the second, since another publication by him apologizes for giving hope to the fans, but states that the game did sell well and that they should be cheering for a possible second.

Aaah, so sorry to get your hopes up, ‘actually’ was in response to Azuremusic’s comment that the remake didn’t do well, actually it did do well, whether it’s enough to warrant another is still a big unknown but we can all cross our fingers …..

– Andrew Barnabas (@AndrewBarnabas) February 4, 2020

However, apparently, he had also given hints on the same day that would suggest that the sequel was already in development. So let’s wait for more news, and maybe we’ll have more adventures with Sir Dan soon.