Rumor: Assassin’s Creed Ragnarok will be out this year and will have a coop for 4 people

Assassin’s Creed Ragnarok, the supposed new game in the Ubisoft franchise, appears to be increasingly real. Last Thursday (08), new rumors emerged with detailed information about the characters, storylines and mechanics of the game. Apparently, it should be released on September 29 this year and will be cross-gen.

The information came from an anonymous 4chan user, who says he has connections with the game’s development team and was summarized in a Reddit post.

Rumor:(Source: 4chan / Reproduction)

According to rumors, the protagonist will be Jora, and as in Odyssey, it will be possible to choose the gender of the character. As the character, you will be the leader of a small group of four adventurous Vikings, which will make it possible to play with up to 3 friends in Coop mode. The RPG mechanics that came to be presented in Origins will remain, with different classes to choose from.

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A difference is that the weapons will have durability, forcing the player to use wisely those he has in his inventory. Navigation across the seas will be much more focused on exploration than combat.

Among other news, we will have a reputation system that will allow you to earn benefits in specific locations, receiving rewards for fulfilling missions and objectives for NPCs. In addition, it will be possible to make inroads into cities, forts or other Viking camps.

The game will take place practically all over northern Europe (including cities like York, Paris and London) where large-scale dynamic wars will take place in real time. As in the last two games in the franchise, it will be possible to face mythical creatures in temples.

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But we need to point out again that these are just rumors, after all Ubisoft has not yet released any information about this possible new chapter in the killer franchise.

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