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Resident Evil 2 Remake may receive new DLC

Resident Evil 2 Remake may receive new DLC

About to complete a year of release, Resident Evil 2 Remake has received only special DLC content so far. However, a mysterious update with a new Steam achievement may indicate that something new should be released soon.

Available in copies from different locations, the achievement was recently added to the game and is listed only as “EN_Name”. As an illustration image, she has a kanji in Japanese that can be translated as “placeholder”.

Image of the recent achievement added to Steam. (Source: Bloody Disgusting / Reproduction)

In addition, some users have noted that the RE 2 database on Steam recently received updates. It contains files commonly used in private tests performed by studios during game development.

As the first anniversary of the launch of the horror title approaches, all of these moves look very promising. After all, it would be fair if the developer presented fans with new content thanking them for their success.

On the other hand, they can only indicate a special edition of the title or a package containing the previously released content. Something similar as it happened with Marvel’s Spider-Man when it completed a year of release in September 2019.

RE 2 Remake is close to reaching the mark of 5 million copies sold. (Source: Steam.com/ Disclosure)

In a less optimistic scenario, the new achievement on Steam may also just be a glitch. Just like the files in the database can mean that developers are working on an update to fix possible bugs.

So far, Capcom has not commented on the recent information. Therefore, we will have to wait a little longer to know about the new features of the title.