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Rabbids Go Home invades Nintendo handheld consoles

Rabbids Go Home invades Nintendo handheld consoles

Ubisoft announces Rabbids Go Home for Nintendo DS And Nintendo DSYes: the crazy rabbits they will invade the consoles Nintendo laptops with a new adventure full of puzzles!!!

Ubisoft announces one new version of Rabbids Go Home for Nintendo DS And Nintendo DSYes. There next rabbit adventure will offer the same insane storyline as the Wii counterpart and one experience of game unpublished and exclusive.

THE players will have to solve riddles and puzzles in an effort to collect more objects possible to accomplish a huge pile of garbage with which to reach the moon. The game will also include a intuitive level editorwhich will allow the users to create i your own personal puzzles And share them to live new and fun adventures with rabbits.

The owners of Nintendo DSYes will be able to use the Nintendo DS camera yes for take pictures And customize them with some fun rabbit animations. Rabbids Go Home Sara available starting next Christmas 2009.

Main features of Rabbids Go Home:

– The same storyline as the Wii version but with one different game experience: an engaging one story mode full of puzzles and riddles to solve.

– Unleash fun chain reactions in 150 ingenious puzzles. The purpose consists of driving a shopping cart in the bathrooms, collecting as many items as possible along the way.

15 insane levels to build a huge pile towards the moon: test yours reflexes and yours ability with the stylus!

Challenge mode: in addition to history are present four delusional challenge modes, each composed of 20 levels with different rules and objectives. Create funny situations by getting rid of crazy rabbits or literally making them fly! But be careful of do not miss the TV program.

– One truly unique artistic direction: meet a cast of funny and wacky characters (humans, verminator, dogs, etc.) and explore one extraordinary parody of the modern world!

– A exclusive level editor: create your own puzzles And share them with your friends and the entire Rabbids Go Home community! Download new puzzles created by other users for endless fun.

“My” rabbits (only on Nintendo DSYes): use the Nintendo DSì camera to take a picture and customize it with fun rabbit animations to entertain your friends!

For more information about Rabbids Go Homevisit the official website: http://www.rabbids.com

Finally, we propose some game pictures: