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Qustodio: how to educate your children in healthy digital habits

Qustodio: how to educate your children in healthy digital habits

I recognize that having grown as technology advanced has been an advantage. In this way we have been able to have time to understand its function and its impact, although it has been in a more or less conscious way.

However, the new generations were born with everything implemented: kitchen robots, autonomous vacuum cleaners, huge screen mobiles, slim laptops, voice assistants, social networks, smart televisions… for this reason, services like Qustodio have become more and more popular. important when accompanying children in their relationship with technology.

What is Qustodio Premium

Qustodio Premium is a service from which Movistar offers a solution that helps parents monitor and protect their children’s online activity and thus be able to educate them in healthy digital habits.

Why is it important to use Qustodio?

These types of services are increasingly used for accompany children and adolescents on the path of digitization. In fact, according to data from the Children’s Diary Study (Ofcom – Digital Day 2016), 44% of children between the ages of 5 and 15 have their own tablet with Internet access. What’s more, 32% of children between 8 and 11 years old have their own mobile. The digital life of young people starts earlier and earlier.

In fact, they spend more and more time online, increasing that time as they grow older: from 5 to 7 years old, they spend an average of 4h and 30min with access to electronic devicesyes When they grow up, from 8 to 12, this time increases until they spend an average of 6h connected. From 13 to 19, the average time increases to 9h on average.

Taking into account that each time they connect to the Internet earlier, and that as they grow, the connection time increases considerably, it is vitally important to provide children with a correct digital education.

To be able to help them create healthy routines regarding the time of exposure to the devices or that the content they see is of qualityharmless and age appropriate, it is very important for them to have tools that make their Internet experience the best it can be.

In addition, we must not forget that on the Internet we find situations such as cyberbullying, sexting, etc. which makes digital education key in being able to deal with conflicts, knowing how to denounce and overcome this type of crime together with their parents.

Qustodium Premium

The differential value of Qustodio Premium is that it shows you everything that is happening in your children’s online world, at the moment, allowing you to manage it.

If you know what they are doing and how they function in this digital ecosystem, it is easy to talk to them, advise them and help them. For example, a typical conversation would be accusing the child of spending too much time on the cell phone. However, if instead of that conversation, you showed them the number of hours he spends on the Internet per day, the tone would be totally different. Qustodio Premium helps you understand, manage and track your family digitally.

Qustodio Features

If you are a Movistar customer, you can contract it through this link.

How many devices can Qustodio be installed on?

Qustodio Premium service works on computer, tablet, mobile phone, kindle. The Movistar offer is available for five devices.

The only thing you have to keep in mind is that, depending on where you install it, you will have to choose between Qustodio for parents (which will allow you to monitor and control the Internet activity of your children) or qustodio for children (to be able to geolocate and press the SOS button if necessary).

If you are a Movistar customer, sign up for the Qustodio Premium service and enjoy one month for free. Once contracted, you will receive an SMS with a link that will allow you to create your user account. Then you must install Qustodio on the devices of your children that you want to protect and with this, you will be able to manage all of them from your mobile app or from the Family Portal.

Is it difficult to use Qustodio?

If you can install an app, you can use Qustodio Premium. It’s very intuitiveboth in the installation process and in the process of using the application.

Basically, with Qustodio Premium it’s like having more eyes to be able to help, guide or encourage minors in the digital world. Education and communication is fundamental: you have to talk, you have to explain, and Qustodio Premium helps fully in this digital world.