PS5 would be more powerful than Xbox Series X, according to rumor

According to the digital insider Tidux, the PlayStation 5 will outperform the Xbox Series X, even though it has a lower GPU. On his Twitter account, Tidux made a small publication, comparing the main components of the two consoles and, according to his reasoning, Sony’s device will be more powerful than Microsoft’s.

GP5 PS5 RAM PS5> XSX (BW and size)
SSD PS5> XSX (Speed ​​and size)
Performance PS5> XSX

This is what info i have gathered over the last few weeks. Final dev kits for PS5 are out.

– Tidux (@Tidux) January 29, 2020

The information Tidux posted says the following:

  • CPU – Same on both consoles
  • GPU – Lower on PS5 (less than 1 teraflop)
  • RAM – Better on PS5 (higher bandwidth and quantity)
  • SSD – Better on PS5 (in speed and capacity)
  • Overall performance – Better on PS5

Doing the math …

Trying to find the same reasoning as Tidux, the account does not seem to make sense.

Both consoles will have the same CPU. The GPU will also have the same architecture, but that of the Xbox Series X will be almost 1 more powerful teraflop, due to the exclusive customization. We know that in devices focused on games, the capacity of the graphics chip is the most important feature.

In terms of RAM, the PS5 gains in bandwidth and quantity. However, these specifications could not become a bottleneck in the Microsoft console, unless the team that developed it was an amateur.

After that, there’s the SSD, which, according to Tidux, is bigger and faster on PS5. The size of the SSD does not impact the performance of the component. The speed of reading and writing, even if it is higher, does not make a big difference in practice, talking about the loading of games. If we talk about the performance of the games themselves (frame generation per second), this impact is nil.


Although Tidux has reason to believe that the PS5 will be more powerful than the Xbox Series X, the information posted by him does not corroborate his final reasoning. In addition, the insider has made a bad mistake in the past, stating that Death Stranding would never leave PS4. So everything must be taken as a faint rumor by now.

The Microsoft console is expected to have superior performance, since the GPU is more powerful. In any case, we can only be sure of this information when both consoles are released.

PS5 would be more powerful than Xbox Series X, according to rumor via TecMundo