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PS5: The popular website has sold more than 130,000 consoles at sky-high prices!

PS5: The popular website has sold more than 130,000 consoles at sky-high prices!

Since next-gen consoles like the PS5 were released late last year, they have suffered from demand that far outstrips supply, as a result of production constraints imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic.

One of the most serious consequences of this situation was the proliferation of scalpers, individuals or companies that, using various devices, managed to access the limited consoles that were made available, reselling them at prices higher than those recommended by Sony.

One of the sites that boasts of having resorted to these practices is StockX, which recently revealed that it has sold more than 130,000 PS5 consoles well above the price announced by Sony.

The retailer confirms that it has sold 83,000 units of the PS5 with disc player and about 55,000 units of the digital version in the US alone since November 2020.

Of those approximately 138,000 consoles, 60,000 were sold in the same month as the PS5 launch with prices primarily ranging between $ 1,000 and $ 1,700. Note that the standard version of the PS5 has a RRP of € 499, while the digital version has a RRP of € 399.

According to StockX, the median price of the consoles it has sold so far is $ 800 for the standard version and $ 741 for the digital version. Analyzing these values ​​and considering that the company sold 138,000 consoles, revenues are around 100 million dollars.

Interestingly, if the PS5 had reached consumers at the recommended price, buyers would have saved a combined $ 44 million.

PS5 is still practically inaccessible around the world

Unfortunately, this news is a serious reminder of the difficulty of finding a next-gen Sony console for sale, even more so for a fair price. Worse than that, Sony itself has already admitted that the console shortage should last until mid-2022.

The predatory pricing practices of new generation consoles have already led several governments and authorities to consider measures to prevent future similar situations, seeking to protect consumers in the current global scenario.

Until the implementation of these strategies, the consumer is in the hands of retailers, many of them delighted with this possibility of earning a little more change when selling hardware, especially related to video games.

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via: VGC

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