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PS5: Sony’s patent could bring old games to the new generation of consoles

PS5: Sony’s patent could bring old games to the new generation of consoles

Many users criticize Sony for betting little on backward compatibility between its different consoles, but that scenario has been changing in recent years, with special emphasis on the PS5. A patent recently registered by the Japanese brand points to the possibility of PlayStation 5 to be able to receive more games from previous generations.

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Remember that PS5 is compatible with titles released for PlayStation 4, with some exceptions that end up not being so relevant. However, Sony’s next-gen console is not capable of playing games from older consoles, a feature that the competition can boast of and that many users have been demanding for many years.

PS5 can run games from PlayStation 3 and earlier generations

Sony patent excerpt for backward compatibility

Although the patent never explicitly mentions the possibility of PS5 running some of the titles from the golden age of PlayStation, we can see that there is an intention to seek to emulate games from those times on the next generation console.

In addition, the addition of trophies to older games is described and since the trophies did not yet exist at the time, it seems safe to suggest that Sony will be thinking of ways to make these games available with the advantage that they can now offer the same. coveted rewards for performing certain tasks.

It is now possible to unlock trophies in games from other generations through the PlayStation Now streaming service. This patent seeks to determine a method to do it without having to change the original code. Sony will thus try to avoid the need to create a “native” port for its new console through emulation.

As always, this information should not be taken as a certainty that something is about to happen. Several patents are registered as a way to protect the mechanisms or technologies that are being studied, with no guarantee that they will one day be put into practice.

However, it would be something very welcome by the vast majority of PlayStation gamers, who would like to be able to play masterpieces of the past on the console that now rests in their living rooms.

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