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PS5: Sony patents artificial intelligence


PS5: Sony patents artificial intelligence

It comes back to talk about PS5 and patents, this time concerning an artificial intelligence that Sony would intend to use in order to tread the hand with the microtransactions. Let’s find out how.

Will PS5 favor microtransactions with artificial intelligence?

If you stop someone on the street, and they are a player and not of the shoppone genre, ask them what they are and what do you think of microtransactions? he will probably tell you that it is the current evil in video games.

There are those who spend money at will in microtransactionsfor the purchase of cosmetic items as in Fortnitewho on the other hand would not spend a cent even if the game was Free to Play.

Apparently PS5 could boast of an artificial intelligence designed to push players on the purchase of cosmetic items and not only through the game stores.

According to the patent, the aforementioned artificial intelligence would recall the Playstation Assistantdesigned to help players in difficulty in a certain game, offering them suggestions including buying something available in the stores through the microtransactionssuch as power ups.

Of course, since it is a patent, its implementation is not certain, so we just have to wait. We remind you that the presentation of the new console should take place during the month.