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PS5 is not found? Here is Sony’s solution!

PS5 is not found? Here is Sony’s solution!

More than a year after its launch, PS5 is still nowhere to be found, who wishes to have one Sony’s nextgen console at home it finds itself empty-handed, both due to the scarcity of the components necessary for the production, and of the scalpers or touts,that is, those who in the past have bought many consoles to resell them at dishonest prices. To meet the needs of the players, Sony has decided to implement a strategy that we will talk about below.

How Sony tackles the PS5 missing problem

How to do if the PS5 is not found? Simple, they produce more PS4. This is the ideal of Sony, which planned to stop the production of PS4 towards the end of last year, however, she was forced to revise her plans due to the inability to produce more PS5 and satisfy all requests. According to what was stated by Sony, the components needed to assemble the PS4 they are not nowhere to be found with respect to PS5 therefore it is possible to produce them in industrial quantities, in fact about 1 million pieces will soon arrive on the market.

Takashi Mochizuki And Debby Wu from Bloomberg they stated:

PS4 is one of the best-selling consoles ever, despite the transition to the new generation. Sony she initially planned to suspend production at the end of last year, however she was forced to revise her plans indefinitely. With the new change of course, Sony will be able to fill the void left by PS5 and will propose a valid alternative to consumers, thereby strengthening relations with production partners.

So if for now you can’t get one PS5 and you don’t have one PS4 at home, you can always buy the latter, considering that PS5 Unlike Xbox Series it will take longer to become available, albeit rarely.

Sony has denied the news shared by Bloomberg, there is no increase in PS4 production to respond to the absence of PS5