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PS5 could be back in stores in Europe in the next few days!


PS5 could be back in stores in Europe in the next few days!

The launch of the PlayStation 5 (PS5) was the largest in console history, resulting in almost immediate worldwide exhaustion. Many fans were unable to purchase the new console, and since Christmas time, they continue to eagerly await the desired opportunity.

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Now, although it has not been an official confirmation, there are indications that Sony could make the console available in Europe in the coming days.

Retailers expect stocks to arrive for orders on January 7. If stocks haven’t arrived by then, we could be waiting until 12-14 for retailers to get stocks due to Brexit and shipments suck. Show. # PS5

– PS5 Central (@DualSensor) January 5, 2021

The information was advanced through the @DualSensor account on Twitter, revealing that shipments from the console are expected to begin arriving in stores tomorrow (7). However, he also mentions that stores may take a few days to put the new units on sale.

PS5 should start hitting stores in Portugal within the next week

Taking this information into account, it is expected that national stores will also receive units of the console. However, it is impossible to know if this new shipment will be enough to cover the high demand.

Honestly, that seems like a highly unlikely reality, so it’s crucial that you redouble your attention over the next week if you want to have a chance to buy a PS5.

To help you, we will keep the item from best online stores to buy PS5 in Portugal updated periodically. This way, you will have a single point where you can check the availability of PlayStation. 5 In portugal.

I remind you that in Portugal, PlayStation 5 The standard version will be available with a suggested retail price of € 499.99 and the digital version with a price of € 399.99.

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via: @DualSensor (Twitter)

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