PS5 and PS4 update with new Firmware

Yesterday Sony made available a new Firmware for PS5 and PS4, which adds a handful of news, but according to what is reported on the net also problems for several gamers, so before listing the news we invite you to wait for a FIXalthough we have not personally encountered them.

The news of the new PS5 and PS4 Firmware

  • Ability to participate in open and closed parties on both consoles
  • Improvements and optimizations to the game interface and tab Trophies
  • New accessibility options including mono audio for headphones
  • Dark mode for the PlayStation Appas well as the ability to change the theme color and support for Finnish, Swedish, Turkish, Greek, Thai and Chinese languages ​​(traditional and simplified).

For what concern VRR support it should be natively present in future games, while those already available will be updated by the developers, even if activating the appropriate item in the settings it is possible enable support in all games even if this would mean not having a guarantee of correct functioning.

It is said that some after the update have encountered problems in the connecting the Dual Sense or Dual Shock4 to the console, as well as the inability to access online services. For this reason we recommend waiting for a fix.

That’s not all, apparently for now only in the United States it is possible to use voice commands through Dual Sense microphone, in order to carry out some operations. Below you can take a look at the function in question:

Using the NEW Voice Command feature on PS5

– GameRiot (@GameRiotArmy) March 23, 2022