PS4: game catalog distributed in download

Today buy games for your console Playstation 3 without leaving the house it is possible: just connect to the PlayStation Store to purchase and download one of the many titles available on the platform. For the new Playstation 4 this will be the case for the entire catalog.

It was Sony’s number one, Shuhei Yoshidato make it known after giving an interview to the authoritative Guardian newspaper.

In practice the Sony will continue to distribute the games on disc, for those who like to collect them and keep them in their own personal video library, but will be supported by a digital version which will be immediately available for download.

In practice, this is the same sales formula already tested with the portable console PS Vita.

Shuhei Yoshida was keen to point out that they will be more and more services and contents available in digital formatin order to try to offer real packages to users, such as choosing gold, silver and platinum subscriptions, or something similar.

Sony’s number one also highlighted that the goal will be to offer with a single subscription, access to thousands of video games.

It will be allowed to make available the subscription of services with a high number of contents, thanks especially to the technology developed by Gaikai.

Shuhei Yoshida then confirms that all the games in the catalog for the PlayStation 4 will be distributed in digital format.

We just have to wait for more news on the new and awaited Sony home console.