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PowerToys Run, the search engine for everything in Windows


PowerToys Run, the search engine for everything in Windows

Although there is rivalry between macOS and Windows, they sometimes inspire each other to incorporate new features. This is where PowerToys Run was born, a launcher or search engine for Windows 10.

Google got us used to search what we want to see on the Internet instead of going directly to the address we want to visit. To the point that any modern web browser integrate the search engine in what we used to call the address bar.

in the operating system from any mac, there has also been a search engine for years that allowed you to find everything from contacts to files, documents, photographs or information on the Internet. His name is spot lightwas released in 2005 with Mac OS X 10.4 and has remained until today.

On Windows, the equivalent has not existed as such. While there has been a file browser, this one has been traveling from the Start menu to the taskbar with each new version of Windows. Of course, unofficially different developers released their own pitcherswhich is the technical name for this type of search engine.

As well. Finally, Microsoft has included its own Spotlight under the name of PowerToys Run and that you can freely install in Windows 10. We will see if it ends up being integrated into the operating system in the future.

The objective of PowerToys Run is to open a browser simply by pressing two keys, ALT and Space. On macOS, Spotlight is opened with Command + Space.

From there, you will see a search box where as you type, results are shown. Those results include installed applications, folders, documents

Then, to browse the results you can use the tabulator. And, among other things, it is possible to open the applications by pressing Enter or with shortcuts. CTRL+SHIFT+Enter to open applications in Administrator mode. AND CTRL+SHIFT+E to view a folder or document in its respective place in Windows File Explorer.

Other possibilities offered PowerToys Run is to use this search engine as calculator. You can also run commands on the command line by entering the command with the symbol > in front.

More cool features. Through plugins, this search engine will be able to add functions and features. For now, those available include a calculator and little else. Surely more will appear in the future.

You will find more information about PowerToys Run on its official page. From there you can download its installer for free. you will only need Windows 10 updated to its latest version.