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Podcast “Things from Hackers”: have fun while learning about new technologies, cybersecurity and digital transformation

Podcast “Things from Hackers”: have fun while learning about new technologies, cybersecurity and digital transformation

If you had to explain the meaning of the word “hacker” how would you do it? Surely many of you would define the term hacking as something negative. Many consider that it is an action whose sole purpose is to find the weak points or failures of computer systems for malicious purposes. Well, in this post we are going to dismantle this widespread theory that all hackers are bad.

Actually, it’s as easy as looking at the color of his hat so you can tell the difference between the good guys and the bad guys. The ones known as white hat hackers they are in charge of testing the security of companies. Their mission is completely altruistic, they look for vulnerabilities within computer systems. In case of finding any, they immediately report the failure so that they can solve it.

The gray hat hackers They move between good and evil. They try to find bugs in companies’ security software. They then negotiate with them, offering their services or selling them the bug in the code. Finally, there are the black hat hackers, seeking access to security systems. Its only objective is to steal information, access credentials or bank details. Their main intention is to earn money, but they can also engage in computer espionage activities. Some just want to modify or destroy data for fun.

Do you want to discover more about the world of hackers?

In the podcast “Things of Hackers”, which is aimed at all people interested in digital transformationyou can learn in an easy and entertaining way. In addition, you will be up to date especially everything related to the world of hacking, innovation and new technologies. You can listen to this and many other podcasts for free from the Movistar Home device, thanks to iVoox’s podcasting integration.

How the Cosas de Hackers podcast came about

the podcast “hacker stuff” was born in March of this year, but the idea had already been around the heads of its creators some time ago. She was the great protagonist of the many conversations that Andrés Naranjo and José María Ávalos had between coffee and coffee in different bars. Its main purpose is to make people who are working for and for digital transformation in Spain known: “The first objective is to make known those professionals involved in the digital transformation of our country, but from a more human and personal perspective. , without letting go of the projects, tasks and jobs in which they are involved”.

Far from stopping there, they also want to help give visibility to women who work in the world of new technologies, to ensure that they have the recognition they deserve.

In addition, with this podcast they want to make their listeners aware of the difference between a hacker and a cybercriminal: “part of our intention behind the name of the project, “Hacker Things”, is precisely to “fight” and teach that hackers are those who watch over everyone’s security. They are the ones in charge of alerting users, companies and institutions of possible failures”.

What content can you find in the podcast

The program has several different sections. The main one consists of an interview, where they discuss with the guest their personal and professional journey. In turn, they publicize their projects related to innovation and digital transformation, which they consider deserve to be known by their listeners: “We support those projects of our friends in the community that we believe deserve to be recognized: Román Ramírez and his GOODJOB FOUNDATION , Beatriz Cerrolaza with MYPUBLICINBOX, Casimiro Nevado and Carlos Loureilo from the National Police, with the C1B3RWALL ACADEMY, Óscar Maqueda with the National CybeLeague from the Civil Guard, among others, and more than 30 guests”.

After the interview, they discuss current news with the guest. But, its star section is “Las Noticias Locas”, which takes on a more casual tone. Here the presenters and the guest each bring a peculiar, rare or striking news on a topic that is related to technology.

Also, they have released a section that they themselves define as “very rogue”, which they have called “Cachivaches”, where they analyze the race to connect all our devices to the network. Finally, they have a more technical section called “Ágora”, whose format is a round table made up of various guests.

How much do we Spaniards know about cybersecurity?

Digital transformation is playing a fundamental role in large and small companies, which despite the current difficult situation caused by COVID 19, are able to get ahead. In Spain, the economic muscle is the SMEs, and they must reinvent themselves or they will suffer this change even more, because this pandemic is changing many things for us and some will leave never to return.

Andrés and José María are clear that the average mark that Spaniards would get in an exam on cybersecurity and new technologies would be low. The same happens in the rest of the countries: “Bad because we use technology much more than we are interested in it. Much more awareness needs to be raised about the responsible use of technology, its cybersecurity and privacy.”

Although there is a long way to go, More and more public and private entities They are taking this matter very seriously. Many are already working to make the population aware of how important it is to be informed and learn about the world of cybersecurity and new technologies.

How you can listen to the podcast ‘Things from Hackers’

If you are passionate about new technologies, want to learn more about them or simply get started in this wonderful world, “Hacker stuff” it’s your podcast. And now, if you are a Movistar Fusión customer and you have the Movistar Home device, you can access and listen to its episodes in an easy and comfortable way.

Using the voice command “OK Aura, I want to listen to the podcast ‘Things from Hackers’” you will hear by default the last episode aired. Below the player you will find the rest of the episodes. This is just one of the many features that you can request from your Movistar Home. Learn how to get the most out of it with this command guide.

For its part, fromhacker stuff”, they will continue spreading, chatting, commenting and, above all, entertaining their listeners. “Every “Hacker Tuesday” with our “scoundrels”, all learning a little about this wonderful journey that is digitization and trying to get everyone to do it safely”.