PlayStation: Sony admits error and keeps the digital stores of PS3 and PS Vita open

Sony confirmed a few weeks ago that it would close the digital stores of its PlayStation 3, PS Vita and PSP console during the next summer, generating a wave of outrage among gamers. It seems that these complaints have been heard at the top of the PlayStation hierarchy, which has now come to announce that it has realized that it has been wrong and that it will keep its stores open.

Jim Ryan, the head of PlayStation, shared a post on the PlayStation Blog where he talks about a “wrong decision” and how Sony intends to reverse its intention to close digital stores on older consoles, at least for the foreseeable future. However, Ryan reiterates the closure of the PSP store.

Older PlayStation consoles have easier access to games again

It seems that this time the complaints from the players actually had a positive practical result, having motivated PlayStation officials to put the issue of store closures back on the table. The only exception will be PSP, whose digital store will be closed on July 2, 2021.

Ryan also admits that the decision to close these digital stores was driven by several factors, including difficulties in supporting trade over older devices. The idea then would be to save resources that could be allocated to the latest services, ensuring fans a more satisfying experience on modern platforms.

However, gamers managed to see that many still buy games for older systems, as they continue to generate a lot of sympathy for the consoles of yesteryear. Closing the PS3 and PS Vita stores would decrease the availability of a wide variety of titles, something that was seen as an anti-player measure.

WhiteMagic display on upcoming Sony smartphones?

The decision in favor of preserving PlayStation games is now well received by fans, especially at a time when it is not easy to buy a new console and enjoy the latest titles.

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via: PlayStation Blog

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