PlayStation: PS Plus in decline loses subscribers! Is it the fault of mediocre offers?

Sony recently released its fiscal report for the first quarter of this year and reported that the number of subscribers to the PlayStation Plus service is 46.3 million users, representing a decrease of more than one million subscribers compared to the previous two quarters.

As Resetera progresses, this is the first time in 8 years since PlayStation Plus has witnessed such a significant drop in its number of subscribers, which is also associated with a decrease in the number of monthly active users.

Among the reasons for this apparent lack of interest from PlayStation gamers in the service may be the constant low-quality offerings of PS Plus, which in recent months has placed some uninteresting titles in fan libraries. Plus, it doesn’t help the success of Xbox Game Pass, a rival service that is increasingly asserting itself as a leader in these kinds of initiatives.

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PlayStation Plus is losing more and more ground to Xbox Game Pass

PS Plus offers for the month of August 2021

It is undeniable that PS Plus is a service with enormous value, among other things because it is essential for anyone who wants to play online. Plus, it offers at least 3 games per month for its subscribers, and one big AAA game is enough to justify the nearly € 60 annual fee.

However, and although Sony does offer these great titles periodically, the truth is that during several months of the year the games on offer are of dubious quality and often difficult to understand. In recent months, for example, we have received an exclusively online Call of Duty that hardly anyone plays anymore; well, if an online title does not have a community, why would we install it if we are going to play alone or spend hours waiting for company?

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The August sales didn’t make anyone happy either, thanks to a Plants vs Zombies game and Tennis World Tour 2, two games without great quality and that will arouse little interest in players. Hunters Arena Legends may be a pleasant surprise, but by now we’ve learned to be wary of titles released on PS Plus (as was the case with Destruction All-Stars).

The fact that Xbox Game Pass is an increasingly comprehensive service of enormous value to subscribers is not helping Sony, with many voices demanding that the Japanese manufacturer put a valid response to the rival’s idea on the table.

What seems certain is that even if the PS Plus justifies its annual price, that’s not all for gamers. It would be nice to see Sony really take on the importance of its gaming community, whether through more thoughtful monthly offers or through a new service capable of meeting current needs.

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via: The Gamer

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