PlayStation prepares to launch more exclusives for PC

Sony has finally launched the dedicated PlayStation Studios games page on the Steam platform, revealing some numbers that raise the possibility that the brand is planning to release more PC exclusives.

41 items are referenced on the page in question and some of them remain hidden, which seems to suggest that PC gamers will soon get some good news and see more versions of PlayStation’s own titles unveiled.

The Steam curator pages are for businesses to highlight games, DLC, or other content available for sale on the Valve platform. For now, the only PlayStation games fans can buy for PC are Detroit: Beyond Human, Journey, Days Gone, Horizon: Zero Dawn, Death Stranding, Helldivers, and Predator: Hunting Grounds.

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PC gamers will receive more PlayStation exclusives in the near future

Right now, the PlayStation curator page on Steam only has 4 games and 21 pieces of bonus content. The Japanese brand has already admitted to investing in launching more PlayStation games for PC as a way to reach a wider audience, so it’s no wonder more games are already destined to reach computers.

The last few months have been plagued by rumors about the launch of a Bloodborne PC port, with many still talking about the arrival of The Last of Us and Ghost of Tsushima on the platform. Both games were real hits on the Sony console, reinforcing the PlayStation trend to bet on releases through Steam.

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Of course, there is a chance that this number is just a bug and that Sony is not planning any more PC releases at the moment. However, given the company’s recent moves, it’s legitimate to believe that PC gamers will soon be able to enjoy some of the best video game experiences created in the last decade.

These ports are also a great way for PlayStation to compete with Xbox on another platform, as Microsoft’s console games are also available on PC. If confirmed, this is excellent news for players, who increasingly have the best games on the different platforms of their choice.

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Lenovo LP7 review: cheap wireless headphones perfect for sports

Although it is not a market segment where it has a long history, Lenovo is increasingly betting on the launch of several wireless headphones, which offer an impressive price / quality ratio. Proof of this are the LP40 and also these Lenovo LP7.

Unlike the LP40, which are intended for more general use, these Lenovo LP7s are designed with the most active users in mind, who are looking for the perfect headset to accompany their training sessions.

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When looking at wireless headphones aimed at athletes, it is rare to find reliable options at reduced prices. However, these LP7s come to challenge this trend, being available for only 24 euros. With such an affordable price, these headphones are certainly a real surprise.

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