PlayStation Plus Brings 4 Free Games in December and Debuts on PS5!

We are only a few days into the month of December and as such, Sony has already revealed what its PlayStation Plus (PS Plus) offers will be for next month.

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Unlike what happened with Microsoft, which disappointed Xbox fans with the December deals, Sony has brought some pretty nice surprises for its fans.

Among the 4 free Games that will be available, you will find the exclusive debut of Worms Rumble, which will also be available with a dedicated version for PS5.

Worms Rumble makes its absolute debut as a free offer on PS4 and PS5

Similar to what they did with the launch of the viral Fall Guys, Sony is betting on the same strategy again, in order to reach a maximum number of users in a short period of time.

This is the latest title in the Worms franchise, which is exclusively online. Approaching the popular Battle Royale category, you will put a total of 32 players on a map, where the ultimate goal will be to be the last survivor.

Other PS Plus offers in December

In addition to the debut of Worms Rumble, PS Plus subscribers will still be able to add 3 more games to their library. Although it can be downloaded on both consoles, neither of these titles come with PlayStation enhancements. 5.

Rocket Arena, Just Cause 4, Melbits World

Take advantage of the Black Friday discount on the PlayStation Plus subscription

If you don’t have an active PS Plus subscription, don’t waste any more time! To celebrate Black Friday, Sony is offering a 25% discount on the annual PlayStation Plus subscription. Instead of paying € 59.99, it will only cost you € 44.99.

But this promotion will only be available until November 30, so don’t let yourself sleep. In addition to accessing free games every month (which are yours as long as you have an active subscription), you will also have free access to all online modes.

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