PlayStation: Bitcoin ******** and payments? Sony is studying the hypothesis!

Sony Interactive Entertainment has registered in recent weeks a new patent that points to the possibility of making payments for PlayStation products with Bitcoin, as well as placing bets on eSports events using cryptocurrencies.

The Japanese brand will study a system capable of presenting users with a set of fees related to the most varied events, mentioning that players will be able to bet on the outcome of the matches in real time. The odds will come from the analysis of previous matches or Parimutuel bets (the payout possibilities are calculated by sharing the group among all the winning bets).

A careful reading of the patent is enough to realize that Sony is considering using its own PlayStation. 5 as a privileged interface for the transmission of events, without neglecting the possibility of PSVR 2 be part of the experience.

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PS5 could become an eSports ****** in the future

This system now proposed by Sony is not limited, however, to presenting betting odds. It is a system full of bets, even capable of aligning proposals taking into account the history of each bettor and their tendency to risky or more conservative behaviors.

Looking at this question in more depth, there is a curiosity to see exactly what Sony wants to achieve with this system through its platforms. Everything seems to indicate that we are facing a formula dedicated to eSports events, but there are endless possibilities in this market.

It will also be interesting to see how Sony will put limits on the action of minors, for example, especially at a time when the entire industry is dealing with various controversies related to loot boxes, considered illegal ******** by many authorities.

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As always, a patent only marks the registration of an intention, there is currently no indication that the system will implement brand bets. If that day comes, surely the reactions will be curious.

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via: The Gamer

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