Playstation 5. Sony has finally solved the PS5’s biggest problem!

The launch of the PlayStation 5 was not as smooth as Sony certainly wanted, presenting some issues that infuriated thousands of users.

One such issue made the PS5 virtually impossible to use, preventing users from installing games developed especially for the console. In other words, they could only install PS4 games.

Until now, the only known way to (temporarily) resolve this issue was to perform a factory reset. However, this was not a viable situation for most gamers, as it erased all content on the console, including applications, games, and game files.

If you have had problems downloading games with “Queued to download” or “View details” messages on PS5, update your system software to the latest version, start your PS5 in safe mode, and then rebuild the database. See “PS5 – Safe Mode Options” at

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– Ask PlayStation (@AskPlayStation) November 19, 2020

Sony’s solution ends the terrible PlayStation 5 bug

It is still unclear if this new solution implemented by Sony will be able to solve the problem once and for all, or if it is just a new temporary solution that allows you to correct the error without losing all your console data.

Through the Ask PlayStation account on Twitter, the company asked its fans to carry out the latest software update, to have access to the new tool.

“If you are having trouble downloading games with ‘Queued to download’ or ‘View details’ messages on your PS5, please update your console software to the latest version. Restart your PlayStation 5 in safe mode and then select the ‘rebuild database’ option.

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Ask PlayStation (Twitter)

While a more specific explanation of what could have caused this error has not been revealed, Sony’s solution appears to be working.

According to the IGN website team, this procedure solved the problem on their PlayStation 5 unit, which can now download PS5 games without any problem.

PS5 still has several troublesome bugs

Unfortunately, for many users who have achieved the feat of having “instant” access to PlayStation 5, it seems that Sony’s new console continues to present several problems that make using it a real challenge.

In response to @AskPlayStation’s latest tweet, various users pointed out other bugs.

While one user complains about the sudden system shutting down while playing Spider Man Miles Morales, another user complains about the inexplicable latency of his PS5.

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Another user reveals that he was unable to even perform the initial setup of his console, making it impossible to connect the controller to the PlayStation. 5, getting into a frustrating bootloop.

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