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Peter Moore: “The future of games is digital!”

Peter Moore: “The future of games is digital!”

As you know, whether we like it or not in a few years, physical media will be just a memory and we can already see it from the fact that in recent years there are many software houses that have decided to distribute their games only via digital so that the quality of arcades has skyrocketed compared to the past.

If once the top of the arcade were pacman, pinball or retro games today we have amy, deadlight, limbo and so on and so forth, live arcade with graphics identical to the Retail versions of the games such as for example Alan Wake American Nightmare. As a collector I am not very happy with the choice by EA and other companies to remove the paper booklet in games or even release the titles only digitally, but this is the future and you have to get used to it.

Peter Moore from IT’S AT released on the pages of Games Industry an interesting statement:

I am sure that in two or maybe three years retail games will be replaced by digital games, physical media will be just a memory, needless to say that if consumers ask us for games on disc we will be there to satisfy their requests.

Peter is not the first and much less the last to declare such a thing, it is easy to see how we will come in the future to have only consoles with digital games like OUYA the console Android expected for 2013. The question arises spontaneously, and who does not have access to the Internet how can he play? Good question, but for now it is not necessary to find an answer, since nowadays there are both retail and digital.

When digital will take over retail, only then will it be necessary to find an answer to this question even if today everyone has a connection. ADSL. To you the comments