PES 2022: The producer bursts into praise for the PS5 and takes aim at photorealism!

Producer Seitaro Kimura, who is involved in the Konami team responsible for developing PES 2022, was enthusiastic about PlayStation. 5 and its “jaw-dropping performance,” stating that the ambition is to bring photorealistic images to the game.

Kimura gave an interview to PLAY Magazine, where he set the bar very high by revealing that the studio is looking for ways to bring the excitement of real football to the game, through sound and primarily image.

In addition, the producer admitted that his work is facilitated by the unique qualities of the PS5, which manages to offer developers the necessary tools to put hard-to-distinguish titles from reality in the hands of gamers.

PES 2022 will be more realistic than ever thanks to the power of the PS5

PES 2022 promises to catapult the franchise to a new level of quality and photorealism, although there are some limitations that even the powerful hardware of the PS5 cannot solve.

Kimura revealed that the team is working to translate the atmosphere of the stadium and the enthusiasm of the fans, without neglecting the passionate facial expressions of the players. Other aspects that are being worked on in detail include the textures of the skin and the hair, the details of the muscular movements and even the way in which the sweat runs down the faces of the aces.

Another important aspect is the equipment of the different teams represented in PES 2022, which gives more realism to the game and helps the immersion of the player. It appears that the new franchise will be photorealistic in all respects, largely due to the optimized hardware of the new generation of consoles.

Konami chose to change the game engine to PES 2022, now using Epic’s Unreal. This change also furthers the ambition of putting the best soccer simulator of all time in the hands of enthusiasts, which sadly has no set release date.

via: WCCFTech

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