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Peru already has its first digital library

Peru already has its first digital library

The National Library of Peru and Movistar form an alliance that will allow Peruvians to access free books from anywhere in the country. Through a lending platform, it will only be necessary to have a device with an Internet connection to start reading.

Extending reading among the inhabitants of the world is an indispensable task for the prosperity of the human species. If history has shown anything, it is that access to education and information is decisive for people to gain knowledge, internalize values ​​and begin to look outward with a critical attitude. From novels to biographies, through essays and reports, books They always have something to offer us.. However, it should be remembered that in order to benefit from this habit, we must try to embrace as much literary diversity as possible, since, as I warned Miguel de Unamuno“the less you read, the more damage what you read does.”

In this sense, and with the World Book Day still in the retina, the National Library of Peru and Movistar have presented the pilot project of the Digital Library of Peruwhich aims to bring the benefits of the digital revolution to all citizens and encourage reading through a lending platform at the service of all Peruvians.

This platform will allow free access from anywhere in the country and through any device connected to the Internet. At the moment, the server includes more than 2,300 digital books, which in the coming weeks will increase based on user preferences. The contents are wide and diverse, from ancient and contemporary classics to universal and Peruvian literature of the largest publishing groups in the world.

An initiative to break down geographical barriers

One of the reasons why this pilot project has been carried out is to measure the real demand of readers during the coming months, so that in the long term a plan can be drawn up that will allow reading to be every corner of the country and continue to encourage these habits. On the other hand, this initiative hopes break down geographical barriers and bring access to information closer for all Peruvians through technology.

Maria Emma Mannarelliinstitutional head of the National Library of Peru, reaffirmed that the fundamental function of the library is to expand the reading public and break the great obstacle that has excluded many people from the right to read. “The pleasure and enjoyment of reading should be a fundamental right that should be extended to all Peruvians”, he insisted.

Categories of books found in the library include narrative, poetry, history, architecture and philosophy, as well as contemporary classics, Hispanic literature, universal and the best seller genre. Some of the authors whose works are available on the server are Mario Vargas Llosa, Pablo Neruda, Haruki Murakami and Stephen King.

In short, we are dealing with an initiative that aims to bring reading closer to all the inhabitants of a country in order to facilitate access to information for everyone. And it is that, the need to read is increasingly important in the current panorama of information overload to which we are exposed daily, where a critical attitude can help us identify truths and lies.