Official bonus up to € 500 for scooters and electric bicycles! Here’s how it will work

We’ve been talking about it for several weeks, but finally the long-awaited bonus for the purchase of a scooter or an electric bicycle is a reality. Let’s find out in detail who will be eligible and what the conditions will be.


Let’s start by telling you that the audience of subjects affected by the bonus will be quite large: in fact, all adult citizens who reside in regional capitals, metropolitan cities, provincial capitals or in Municipalities with more than 50,000 inhabitants, without any differentiation based on income.

Thanks to the bonus it will be possible to buy electric scooters, electric or traditional bicycles, other electric vehicles such as Hoverboards or Segways and subscriptions to sharing services, but not those that offer cars.

amounts and methods of disbursement

The coupon will cover the 60% of the purchase price of the vehicle, up to a maximum of € 500. So, if, for example, we want to buy an electric scooter or a bicycle of € 1000, we will be entitled to a discount of € 500, while if the price of the item should be, for example, € 500, we will be entitled to a discount of € 300. , thus going to spend just a few 200.

It will then be possible to benefit from an additional bonus € 500 by scrapping a motorcycle with an environmental class up to Euro 2 (up to Euro 3 in the case of a two-stroke motorcycle), which become € 1500 scrapping an old car up to Euro 3.

The disbursement methods have not yet been identified; it is possible that the retailers offer the products at a discounted price, or that the customers, after the purchase, send the proof of purchase on a special portal to obtain a refund.

The bonus can be claimed until December 31, 2020 and is retroactive for all vehicles purchased starting from 4 May 2020.