Nvidia Tegra Note 7: first official videos of the Tegra 4 tablet at 199 dollars

The Nvidia Tegra Note 7the manufacturer’s first tablet to be launched today in the US, was shown in the first official videos.

The device is packed with really cool features, including a display HD from 7 incha processor Tegra 4, 1GB from RAM and rear camera from 5 megapixels with the possibility of recording videos at 100 fps in slow motion. Another very interesting aspect of the tablet is the presence of a very particular stylus with technology DirectStylus. In fact, thanks to a combination of hardware and software, the device is able to make the most of the potential of the stylus. The new Nvidia Tegra Note 7 is capable of recognizing the pressure and the palm using a sampling rate equal to 300 frames per second thanks to the CPU and an additional integrated controller. The first video on the Nvidia Tegra Note 7 focuses on the use of the stylus, which you can watch below:

httpvh: //youtu.be/enn5TFSEqC4

The second video, on the other hand, shows most of the features of the device including web browsing and game management.

httpvh: //youtu.be/qmCfB3Ipuyo

The Nvidia Tegra Note 7 will be available in United Kingdom from November 15; the price, at least the Italian one, should be 199 euros.